Cleaning Air Ducts Made Easy

Staying at home on a rainy day? On a sunny day? Or on just any day of the week? Most homeowners would want to stay at home or work at home. But how can you stay at home if your ventilation system is broken or just not working properly? You’re going to experience extremes of temperature inside your house when your ventilation is not okay. Problems with ventilation will affect not only you but everyone in the house especially the younger ones who are more prone to developing infections and allergies compared to the older ones.

Dirty vents can lead to so many problems. Medical conditions can arise from dirty vents like asthma and allergies. Children sensitive to dust can develop allergies or even asthma when the ventilation is not good or dirty. Instead of filtering out and removing the dirt from the air, dirty or not maintained ventilation systems tend to recycle the dirty air that should have been removed back to the inside of the house. When this happens the air inside that we breathe is not anymore clean and can become the source or can even spread infection to everyone in the local household.

The older ones will also get affected because of their old age, their bodies cannot keep up with everything happening around them and it may take some time for them to fully adjust and by the time they do they might develop respiratory problems.

Aside from the medical problems that dirty vents can cause, there’s also the problem of having increased electrical bills because of the dirty vents. The dirt in the ventilation systems will lead to decreased efficiency and increased electrical bill. Because there is dirt in the ventilation systems, it causes blocks in the otherwise smooth and unobstructed flow of air within the ventilation system leading to an increase in the workload needed to push the air or suck the air out. The increase in the workload will ultimately translate to an increase in electrical cost.

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